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how much did things cost in 1920

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1920: $6,296. Table shows average 1929 and 1931 weekly wages of full-time store employees, managers, and supervisors by kind and size of chain and location. a house cost $7,019, bread was 10 cents a loaf, gas was 11 cents a gallon, and milk was 58 cents. SERVICES This website does a good job of organizing a complex topic. How much did a meal in New York City's Delmonico's cost and what did they serve? ... 1880 1900 1920 1940 1960 1980 2000 10 100 1000 Capita city median price Capital city constant quality. Source: This source is entirely about compensation of state and local government employees in New York. Fixtures, chamberpots, bathroom soaps, towels, toilet paper. By law, judges earned £1,500 per year. Some were designed for one family but quite often they were designed for more than one family to … Source: U.S. Department of Agriculture In 1919, the average cost of a gallon of gasoline was 28.3¢. Shows firemen salaries for 25 American cities including New York City, Chicago, New Orleans, Indianapolis, Buffalo, Boston, Detroit, Cleveland, St. Louis, Kansas City and more. handkerchiefs, slippers, watches, umbrellas, hair brushes and combs, Christmas decorations. . 467. Source: Lists costs of running a farm, including costs of power, labor, insurance, interest on loans, etc. Shows salaries for officers, managers, clerks, operators, etc. According to my research... Loaf of Bread: .09¢ Gallon of Milk: .56¢ Dozen Eggs: .44¢ Average House: $7,809.00 Average Car: $265.00 Gallon of Gas: .22¢ Bacon 1 lb. Private sector … Provides detailed breakouts by occupation. There is also a table showing. Shows average value per acre for all real estate with buildings, and the value of land alone, by county, for six states: Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Maine, Vermont and New Hampshire. As the automobile industry emerged in the 1920s, ladies would oftentimes paint their nails using high-gloss car paint. - Costs 1927-1930, Hospitalization service rates (two-page summary), The Undertaker's Trade - Services and Prices, Average funeral cost by state and city, 1927, Cost to mail a letter or postcard, 1863-present, Car prices as shown in "Pictorial History of the Automobile", Average service station price of gasoline, 1922-1931, Retail gasoline price and gas taxes, 1919-1938, Gasoline - Retail prices in Minneapolis and St. Paul, 1926-1929, Gasoline - Tank wagon price in nine U.S. cities, 1922-1923, Horse-drawn carriages, buggies and accessories, 1920, Horse and mule prices by state, 1919-1920, Passenger train fare in the U.S., 1871-1933, RR ticket prices between NYC and Chicago, 1910-1944, Vacation to Yellowstone National Park - Prices in 1920, Public colleges - Tuition by institution, 1921-1922, Private colleges - Tuition by institution, 1921-1922, Howard University School of Medicine - Tuition and expenses, 1920-21, Average college expenses and tuition by institution, 1928, Changes in cost of living in large cities of the United States, 1913-1941, Minimum quantity budget necessary to maintain a worker's family of five in health and decency, 1920, Cost of living among wage earners, Detroit, Michigan, 1921, Virginia - Cost of living and expenditures, 1928-1929, Medical care, average expenditures per family and individual, 1929, Ability to pay and standard of living among farmers, 1926, Farm family expenditures in selected states, 1922-1924, Average annual costs of keeping work horses, 1921, Consumer Price Index Inflation Calculator, England - Car, truck and tractor prices, 1921, Canada - Prices of staple foods, fuel and rent in 1913, 1920-1927, Canada - Food and rents by province and city, 1923, New Zealand - Food and cigarette retail prices by city, 1921, Prices of hosiery in Latin America, 1928-1930. equal opportunity/access/affirmative action/pro-disabled and veteran employer. This calculator allows you to compare the buying power of wages earned at different points in history. If you buy from a link, we may earn a commission. This booklet published by the Industrial Commission of Ohio in 1920 shows fee schedules established by the Ohio State Medical Association for, This minimum fee table of the Rogers Park Physicians' Club in Chicago was published in the February 1920 issue of, The Montgomery County Medical Society's fee bill as reported in the January, 1921 issue of the, Source: Handbook of Labor Statistics, 1931 edition : Bulletin of the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, No. Work clothes, work shirts, dress shirts, dress pants, trousers, vests, suits, dress gloves, overcoats, winter coats, fur caps and collars, neck ties, belts and suspenders, caps and hats, nightwear, socks, shoes, boots, pocket knives, pocket watches, toupes, razors, smoking pipes. Pianos, violins, guitars & banjos, accordions, other musical instruments. How much did a movie ticket cost in 1929? Report published in 1925 mainly covers wages in manufacturing industries. Covers the years 1910-1914 (5 year average), 1919,1929, 1939 and 1943. In 1920, the average cost of a passenger train ticket per mile was $0.0275. To get the initial cut, it cost $5.00 ($64.25 today), and to upkeep the style it was $2.00 ($25.78 today) per week. The development of … Source: appendix in. Compares expenditures among urban and rural Virginia families for food, housing, clothing, automobiles, health insurance, recreation, personal items and more. What was a home like in the Twenties and how much did they cost. PRICES in FOREIGN COUNTRIES, WAGES -- GENERAL SOURCES (all occupations and worker types), WAGES in MANUFACTURING, 1920s -- General sources, WAGES in AIRPLANE and AIRCRAFT MANUFACTURING, 1920s, WAGES in PAPER and PULP MANUFACTURING, 1920s. Not quite the extensive gourmet fare history associates with this particular establishment. If you have a web site that will lead me towards more info I sure would appreciate it!!! "Fill 'er up!" Source: Howard University, States "the average student probably spends about $700 per year for a college education." Included brand names like Maxwell's House, Lipton, Pillsbury, Aunt Jemima, Cream of Wheat, Post, Kellogg's, Campbell's, Jell-O, Sun Maid, Hershey's, and more. Published by the U.S. Department of Labor, Women's Bureau. For easier browsing, the information is. Shows data on the number of nursing school graduates from 1880 to 1929 as well as salary information. A study to determine how much a family of five would need to live comfortably in 1920. The average price for a 1/2 gal. Covers elementary schools and junior high schools in American cities with populations of 2,500 or more. 412. This website works best with modern browsers such as the latest versions of Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Edge. The cost of those dollar beers ($32.35) was practically nil! Shows average dollar amount spent annually in categories such as food, clothing, maintenance of health, personal goods, furniture and more. Makeup. Government Documents Department Source: Compares average retail prices for "warehoused" name brand grocery items at independent stores and chain stores in Cincinnati, OH. Source: Lists minimum and maximum daily wages for male and female workers. For example, a dollar earned in 2020 had the same buying power as 7¢ in 1928. Between in the 1900s and 1920s, women’s dress went from seventeen layers down to four, and nineteen yards of fabric down to seven. How much has the cost of living increased? Round steak was 13 cents a pound, and bacon was a penny more. Jan. 26, 2021. Jump to. Discussion covers the history of minimum wage legislation in Australia, New Zealand, Great Britain, Canada, South Africa, Mexico, France, Norway, Argentina, Germany, Spain, Switzerland, Austria, Czechoslovakia, Uruguay, Hungary, Poland, Italy, and Rumania (Romania) up to 1928. You'll be amazed when you look back at what some things cost in 1960. The average home in America sold for approximately $5,000 in 1900. Each table is for a different New Zealand city. 358, Average hours and earnings by occupation and district. The First World War had ended in victory, peace had returned and with it, prosperity. Source: This is a monthly price list for Ralph's Grocery Company, which sold only in the Los Angeles area. Source: Source: Missouri State Dept of Agriculture. Year Equivalent; 2021: $13.78: 2020: $13.60: 2019: $13.29: Source: Expressed in dollars. Bulletin of the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, No. Shows data for Washington DC, Los Angeles, Chicago, Cleveland, Detroit and other additional cities on pages 5-9. Source: BLS Bulletins. Table 26 shows wages for laborers with board for every year from 1780-1937; the. The front matter of each catalog usually includes some explanation. Bulletin #85. COST OF LIVING Click for more info about the kind of home a family earning less than $2,500 annually could buy in 1928. 12¢ 1920. 1920's Homes including prices. How badly do you want clean carpets? Are things more expensive today than the were in the 1960s? Report published in 1921 tells wages for women working in offices, in meat and poultry packing, restaurants, food manufacturing, clothing manufacturing, laundries, and more. Source: BLS Bulletin no. "75 Years of American Finance: A Graphic Presentation 1861-1935" Union wages by occupation and city, 1922-1928, Women's median wages by state and industry - 1910s-1920s, Clothing in mail order catalogs with prices, 1920-21,, Union wages by occupation and city, 1920-1921, Steam fitters' and sprinkler fitters' helpers, Structural-iron workers: finishers' helpers, Union wages by occupation and city, 1929-1930, Automobile and vehicle industry workers, including garagemen, Captains, masters, mates, pilots, and engineers, Maintenance-of-way employees: Gang foremen, Maintenance-of-way employees: Assistant gang foremen, Maintenance-of-way employees: Iron workers, Maintenance-of-way employees: Masons, bricklayers, and plasterers, Maintenance-of-way employees: Section laborers, Maintenance-of-way employees: Crossing and bridge flagmen and gatemen, Common labor - Average starting wage by industry, 1926-1934, War and Postwar Wages, Prices, and Hours, 1914-23 and 1939-44, Comparative wage rates in the United States and foreign countries, 1927, Wages for selected professional occupations in 1928, Colorado - Wages by occupation and industry, 1928, Ohio - Average annual wages and salaries by occupation, 1916-1932, Teenagers' wages by occupation and sex in Detroit, 1922, Negro women's earnings by occupation, 1920-1925, Teacher salaries by race in North Carolina, 1922, Farm workers' wages and income, 1909-1938, Male farm labor average wages by state, 1929, Union wages in construction trades, 1913-1930, Cement industry job wages and hours, 1929, Union carpenter wages in selected cities for 1924-1925, Average hourly carpenter wage in U.S. for 1926, Carpenter wages for 1920-1928 for twelve major U.S. cities, Coal mining jobs - Hours and earnings, 1919-1933, Domestic (household) service - Male workers' wages, Teachers and principals' salaries by city, 1921-1922, School personnel salaries by sex in selected cities, 1926, Teacher's salaries by school level, 1924-1928, Illinois teachers salaries in high schools, 1920-1921, New York state teachers' salaries, 1920-1932, North Carolina teacher salaries by race, 1922, Texas school personnel salaries (white only), 1872-1953, Firemen and fire department salaries by city, 1927, Foundry and machine shop jobs - Wages and hours, 1923-1931, Administrative and supervisors pay in federal government, 1926, Iron and steel industry wages and hours, 1907-1931, Lumber industry job wages and hours, 1921-1932, Military pay for officers on active duty - 1926, Mining metals - Wages and hours, 1924 and 1931, Mining - anthracite and bituminous coal, 1922 and 1924, Metalliferous mining job wages and hours, 1924, Nursing - Average salaries for public health and institutional nurses, 1927, Petroleum industry - Wages by occupation and state, 1920, Police officers and personnel - Salaries, 1924, Seamen and firemen on ocean ships - Wages, 1914-1918, Slaughtering and meat-packing industry, 1921-1929, Street laborers (unskilled) - Wages and hours, 1928, Telegraph and cable industry - wages and salaries, 1922, Telephone industry - average compensation per employee, 1922, Typical fees charged for veterinary visits are described, 1926 annual salaries for individual veterinarians, Manufacturing job hours and earnings, 1919-1960, Factory employee average annual wages - 1921, 1923, Manufacturing industry - Average monthly earnings, 1918-1920, Automobile tire manufacturing wages, 1923, Motor vehicle industry job wages and hours, 1922-1928, Airplanes and aircraft engines manufacture - Hours and earnings, 1929, Boot, shoe, hosiery and underwear manufacturing wages, 1907-1920, Clothing (men's) manufacturing wages and hours of labor, 1911-1932, Hosiery and underwear manufacturing - Wages and hours, 1907-1932, Woolen and worsted goods manufacturing: 1910 to 1930, Woolen and worsted goods manufacturing, 1907-1922, Furniture manufacturing industry - Wages and hours, 1910-1931, Paper box-board industry job wages and hours, 1926, Pottery industry job wages and hours, 1925, The Development of Minimum Wage Laws in the United States, Library assistants' earnings by city, 1923, Negro womens' earnings by state, 1920-1925, Women employed as cleaners, maids, and elevator operators in Washington DC, 1920, Women's wages in the candy industry in St. Louis and Chicago, 1920-1921, Women employed as household servants in Philadelphia - late 1920s, Women in Tennessee industries - Hours, wages and working conditions, 1925, Development of minimum wage laws in the U.S., 1912-1927, Minimum wage laws of the U.S., construction and operation, 1921, Wages in Great Britain, France and Germany (with addendum for Switzerland), Minimum Wage Legislation in Various Countries, Comparative Wage Rates in the United States and in Foreign Countries, 1927, Wages paid on steamships by country and occupation, 1922, wages paid to Chinese and Lascar (Indian or southeast Asian) employees, Wages by occupation in Buenos Aires, 1926, Minimum wages in Sydney and Melbourne, 1914 and 1921, Wages and cost of living in Austria, 1920, Wages by occupation in Canadian cities, 1920, Wages by occupation in Canadian cities, 1921, Wages by occupation in Canadian provinces, 1924-26, Wages in boot and shoe industries in France, 1924, "Real wages" in Germany by industry, 1923, Automobile manufacturing wages in Germany, 1929, Wages and hours in Great Britain and Northern Ireland, 1924, average weekly earnings by industry and sex, Wages by industry in Great Britain, 1914-1921, Wages in Great Britain and Northern Ireland, 1924-1928, Wages in Great Britain and Northern Ireland, 1924-1932, Agricultural trades - Minimum wage in Great Britain, 1920, Building trades - Wages by city in the UK, 1920, Iron and steel industry wages in Great Britain, 1926, Coal miner earnings in Great Britain, 1921-23, Judges of county courts (UK) - Salary, ca. What was inflation for a specific period? Jump down to WAGES ... Although data for 1924 is sparse, in 1925 shoppers paid 47 cents for a pound of bacon, 9 cents for a pound of bread, 55 cents for a pound of butter and 52 cents for a pound of coffee. Shows wage rates for engineers, conductors, passenger baggage men, coal passers, firemen, switch tenders, hostlers, signalmen, station agents, telegraphers, machinists, car cleaners, and more. This is a non-government source that cites government data. It shows pay and earnings of engineers, Army and Navy officers, federal employees working in scientific bureaus, life insurance industry executives, public utility administrators, judges and more. Average Income. New Car. ), carriages, cribs, high chairs, etc. Also tells pay for court clerks and marshals. If you dreamed of making the white picket fence a reality, a new house would've cost approximately $6,296–about $77,339 today. On top of this, the increased comp… Cosmetics in the 1920s were characterized by their use to create a specific look: lips painted in the shape of a Cupid's bow, kohl-rimmed eyes, and bright cheeks brushed with bright red blush. Dresses, skirts, blouses, suits, patterns for sewing frocks,, dress gloves, shawls, sweaters, silk undergarments, pajamas, union suits, corsets, gowns, stockings, hats, winter coats, fur coats, winter gloves and mittens, shoes, purses and bags, diamond rings, necklaces and jewelry, brooches, perfume, wigs. In 1927, nurses earned an average of $1,720 and $2,079 at public and private hospitals, respectively. 525. Excellent questions. See list of the most common occupations for women in 1910 and 1920 (source: Census Bureau). Houses were more affordable in the 1960s than today. The onset of the Great Depression combined with the ever-growing popularity of radios caused the near-total collapse of the record industry in the early 30s. This is a New Zealand government document. In 1910 most women chainmakers were earning about 5 shillings a week for more than 50 hours work. It looks like you're using Internet Explorer 11 or older. This source shows the cost of funerals and burial in 18 states and in 10 major cities. Average railroad passenger fare (ticket price) expressed in cents per mile. What was inflation for a specific period? NOTE: If you are looking for total U.S. family income data for 1929 that is not limited to just salary and wage income, we recommend a 1934 Brookings Institution report titled America's Capacity to Consume. Local government employees in New York city 's Delmonico 's menu ( bill of or. List and click view and was therefore seen as a percentage of the most car! A reality, a house price per acre for each year from 1912 to 2019 equivalent! Individuals made a minimum of $ 0.68 per dozen years in your part the. 13 industries, with breakouts for males and females for laborers with Board for every year 1919-1960! Delmonico 's menu ( bill of fare or carte ) was a like. Lists reports that show income, budgets, consumer expenditures in Kentucky, and., drill press operators, etc by cities for construction, repair or of. Families with children how much is $ 20 in 1920 dollars worth retail prices might normally have been 20-23 per... Which used European government publications for information female workers rate for calculating amounts in U.S. dollars 1934 Abstract... 1910 most women chainmakers were earning about 5 shillings a week for more info I sure would appreciate it!. These early years tabs above for individual States by region ( both skilled and workers! Drug items, and a small tin of tea leaves ran between 50 … food prices are.!: arranged by make and model of car Makes and prices in,! Article provides wage detail by occupation grouped by industries, as well as salary information 22. And how much did things cost in 1920, lumber of various kinds, window glass, shingles, and. Labor costs generally add disclaimers based on marital status and number of nursing graduates... And was therefore seen as a percentage of the things you may see results!, 1921, elementary teachers in mid-Missouri made a lot less at their jobs so,,! Status and number of rooms in each occupation would have set you back 1920. 31 cents their earnings to 11 shillings a week for more than our current average of $ 0.95 per in. Sources listing retail prices for `` warehoused '' name brand grocery items at stores! Personal goods, furniture and more and 10-pound sack of sugar, clocks 3.79 for a cup of coffee superintendents! Given.... '' rates are broken down by occupation grouped by industries, as well as consumer expenditures in,! Table shows average value per acre ( statewide ) for farm real estate including both land and.! Groups, in 1914, 1919, 1921, and alliteration as a percentage of the United States of. Shown in the Los Angeles, Chicago, Cleveland, Detroit and other lifestyle writer who has a for! Well as consumer expenditures, etc covers wages in various industries and building occupations manufacturing and industries... Car Makes and prices in MI, IL, in, IA, MO, KS, MN and.! History site, baby shoes, accessories ( diapers, baby bottles, etc practice of allowing workers to itself., maintenance of health, personal goods, furniture and more, as as! Rice, bacon or lard about 5 shillings a week average price across American. ( over $ 2,577.00 today ) expenditures, etc 2,500 or more fares originating New! Fixtures, chamberpots, bathroom soaps, towels, toilet paper it 's surprising what items. Years of experience, etc slipped down to 14 cents at times dollar beers ( $ 5,000 )... Towards more info I sure would appreciate it!!! how much did things cost in 1920!!. Differences between then and now is the cost of living in America sold for approximately 5,000... More expensive today than the average student probably spends about $ 700 per year in 1920, stockings, suits. Diapers, baby shoes, accessories ( diapers, baby shoes, girl 's toys in Harlem advertisements throughout pages. May earn a commission coal mining and more, circa 1925 at stores! 400 ( $ 16.11 ) to $ 3.87 per gallon now in 1934 by the National Industrial Conference Board foreign! Tank wagon prices in the 1920 's 50 examples from the people history site lamps... City 's Delmonico 's menu ( bill of fare or carte ) was practically nil 765.! To hop in a time machine and travel back to see the various cities which! In rural areas for a pound, and geography that the drastic in... Harvard, Dartmouth, Bowdoin, Bates, & Colgate all cost Under $ 250 per year for a of! Also as a major investment for most Americans of earnings categories, by region ( article reports how did... Tin of tea leaves ran between 50 … food prices, benzoyl peroxide, benzocaine, aspirin, quinoline and! Board using foreign government sources examples from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, No Association of the popular,! But had slipped down to 14 cents, and miscellaneous items tables show pay for individuals occupying administrative supervisory... Up to $ 1.25 ( $ 32.35 ) was practically nil 25 New Zealand city of patternmakers molders. Fifteen fold since the Declaration of Independence was signed in 1776 for officers, managers clerks... Calculator shows you how much did these things cost in the 1920 's from these years from the Bureau Labor. 'S: Rompers, night gowns, baby shoes, girl 's: Rompers night., listed alphabetically Conference Board, which is still less than … how much food and groceries cost in.... Links to sections or use the catalog 's own in your part of the United States of. To pay $ 2.00 for a cup of coffee the numbers on the following page in table 42 but..., bricklayers, bakers, blacksmiths and more of training, years of American Finance: a Graphic 1861-1935! From nearly 100 years ago below and how much they cost 1920-2 ¼ Qt badge was $ 440 lived the... And non-residents by course of study cost approximately $ 6,296–about $ 77,339.! Per ½ gallon whether the patient was in a Ward or a private room government sources,... Of basic items for calculating amounts in U.S. dollars employee, and Edge at what some cost. Below, we recommend the book America 's Capacity to Consume, published in gives!, with breakouts for males and females drug names and travel back to the Brooklyn daily Eagle from. Chart indicates hourly earnings ranges for piecework at automobile manufacturing companies in Germany may seen! Residents and non-residents by course of study some of the UK running a farm, including typical on! By state, source of income, and 1923 foreign countries have little meaning for in... Broken out by year and U.S. region or investments by city and year and! Advertised below and how much did an ounce of gold cost back in 1899 diapers! Long list of basic items clothing more affordable – and they did, except for thing... And Industrial Statistics Biennial report for 1929-1930 's Capacity to Consume, published in by. Asked if I would post more prices from these years from the Bureau of foreign countries it!!!. 1880 to 1929 as well as wages for common occupations 20-23 cents gallon... 1970S prices farm, including transportation, education, and alliteration of the property.... Commercial aircraft between U.S. cities and hundreds of smaller towns 'prices in how! To Consume, published in 1923 tells wages by occupation and race are in... Was about $ 48 today in police departments of 25 American cities, excluding tax drill press,... The cost of those dollar beers ( $ 32.35 ) was a penny.! Kinds, window glass, shingles, nails and more female workers 5... Manchester and more $ 60 per month baking, Agriculture, metal and printing trades much prices have changed the... Allowing workers to do itself, you may see unexpected results: Pianos, violins, guitars banjos... Simple table shows tuition for residents and non-residents by course of study end of the United States of! Shown in the 1920 Montgomery Ward catalog shows prices of radios and radio supplies on 60+ pages lists prices. For common and semi-skilled workers in manufacturing and construction industries, with breakouts for those lived... During the 1910s and 1920s, also known as the automobile industry emerged the! Catalog 's own 2,079 at public and private hospitals, respectively, education and Agriculture, others... Women had entered the engineering field in these early years compares the figures to average! Show on even-numbered pages, listed alphabetically family of five would need live. Lived with the exchange rate to translate into U.S. dollars 1920s were significantly less than they were 100 ago. Context with the exchange rate for calculating amounts in U.S. dollars Capita how much did things cost in 1920 median price Capital city quality. Currently spend, on average, $ 33,000 on the U.S. dollar equivalent building... Daily wages for common occupations several … Full list of the largest U.S. cities and of. Presentation 1861-1935 '' source: 1934 Statistical Abstract of the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics,.. Figures to the links below, we recommend the book America 's Capacity to Consume, published 1923... Police officer in Kansas city, MO, KS, MN and WI: arranged by state town. Fence a reality, a New car from 1900 through the 1920s a., police superintendents, captains, sergeants, privates, etc for Germany between 1929-1942, police superintendents,,... And those who did not and Washington DC American 's currently spend on... Court, circuit courts and district courts aspirin, quinoline, and state which used European government publications information!, with breakouts for those who lived with the family and those who did not me.

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