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weird laws uk

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A full suit of armor, Italian and with sallet, c. 1450. But many made a lot of sense at the time, and have only become absurd with the passing of time. Here are 25 Weird British Laws You Won’t Believe Actually Exist. Switching the burglar alarm on, carrying your DIY shopping home and hanging out the washing could land you in big trouble. Here are 14 strange laws to keep in mind next time you book a trip. The Metropolitan Police Act of 1839 also states that a person is not allowed to “sing any profane, indecent, or obscene song or ballad, or use any profane, indecent or obscene language to the annoyance of the inhabitants or passengers.” Perhaps this is one section that should be enforced more rigorously today. Read another story from us: 2,000-year-old Fast Food bar discovered in Pompeii. 6. Under the well-known Salmon Act of 1986, it’s illegal to handle salmon … These 10 British Laws are Almost Too Weird (and Detailed) to be True Carrying a plank on the pavement. Enjoy. Not that today’s MPs are likely to keep such an outfit in their wardrobe and wonder in the morning if that should be their choice for the day. Wedding 50 Weird Laws Around the World. The Polish Potato Order 2004 came into force after Polish potato crops suffered from a series of outbreaks of ring rot disease. It is illegal to ride a cow while drunk. It is … Sometimes though, laws can get a bit out of hand, weird even. You can read one here. Log in or register. Although a commoner could be prosecuted under the (now repealed) Criminal Law Act 1722 for killing a deer in the royal forests. It is supported by The Statute of Northampton 1328, which prevents any person “except the king’s servants in his presence, and his ministers in executing of the king’s precepts, or of their office” from carrying weapons in public. According to the London Hackney Carriage Act 1831, it was an offense for drivers to feed their horses in the street — unless they did so from a special corn bag or offered the hay to the animal from their own hands. Of course, when they don’t revoke old laws still on the books, it creates a headache for everyone. 24 Weird British Laws I Can't Believe Actually Still Exist In The UK. Luckily, letters are going out of fashion these days. Check out these unbelievably strange US laws that actually exist! Australia’s second most populated state says it illegal to change a light bulb unless you are a licensed electrician. Queen Elizabeth II is a world-famous devotee of dogs, in particular her very own royal lineage of Pembroke Welsh Corgi. The 12 weird laws you've almost certainly broken. We are all guilty of getting up to a little mischief now and again, so thankfully I have put together a handy list of some of the most weird and wonderful laws in the UK, so you can stay out of mischief and have a laugh at the same time. Brits are well known for their humor. While there are several weird laws associated with members of the royal family, this one is not true. Character Cottages put together this list of 21 of the strangest laws still on the books in Britain. The United Kingdom of Great Britain is not an exception. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program Here you'll find all collections you've created before. BY Jason English. The UK is especially old, so there are some pretty weird laws on the books. Sometimes these laws border on the seriously ridiculous, and other times they point to important cultural values that might be different than your own. A similar law also exists in New Jersey. There are a number of ways to disturb the public and end up in trouble with authorities, such as flying a kite or singing not the right song. Not only the fish could be suspicious in your typical British dish of fish and chips, but also the chips themselves. Curious to hear more? MIX SHARE SHARE TWEET PIN. Ben Bryant/Shutterstock Parliament's famous Salmon Act of 1986 states that it's illegal to hold a salmon under suspicious circumstances. The Spanish law states that it is illegal to call your child as a fruit. Make a payment. Some of the laws … All Rights Reserved. Word has it a common pet dog is not allowed to get too friendly with a royal breed. T: +44 (0) 1451 600844 +44 (0) 1451 600844. Both ways, it’s weird. Postage stamps from 1952 showing a young Queen Elizabeth II, According to, treason is defined as “the crime of betraying a nation or a sovereign by acts considered dangerous to security.”. Because this is a weird law, there are a lot of debates on the internet online. The unusual laws quiz It’s always advised to stay on the right side of the law. There is much legal enforcement associated with fish in the UK. However, if you happen to randomly stumble upon her while walking your own dog (which is kind of hard to imagine) watch out! If you allow it while you're in Arizona, you're a criminal.According to a law made in 1924, it is illegal for donkeys to sleep in bathtubs. _g1.setAttribute('srcset', _g1.getAttribute('data-srcset')); Among other things, he beat a doormat after 8 am, an act not allowed on the streets since 1839, and he also walked around the city with a dead fish clutched in his hand, Vice Magazine reports. If you know of any more please leave them in a comment! However, the statute was enacted during the reign of Edward II, in times of considerable political instability in England. Every country is different, and every country's laws are different. Copyright © 2011 - 2019 List25 LLC. Photo by Pool/Max Mumby/Getty Images. var _g1; Photo by Bensbro CC BY-SA 4.0. This Act also includes flying kites on the street and sliding on ice on the sidewalk. The Licensing Act of 1872 stipulates that operating a cow, horse or steam engine while intoxicated carries either a prison sentence or a fine. And luckily again, this aspect of the law is just one of the legal myths flying around. You may be breaking the law without even realising it, but don’t worry, we’ve put together a handy infographic of 21 Bizarre Laws That Still Exist in the UK. Your home state could have the nation's dumbest law. A bale of hay always at the disposal of the driver could have indeed helped the horse. English law prohibits MPs from wearing armour inside the Houses of... Do Not Shake a Carpet in the Metropolitan Police District. Also, not to forget the variety of the potato, the ID number of the person who grew them, and a ring rot certificate proving the potatoes are not diseased. 46 Weird Laws Still on the Books. Bizarre US Laws. You are allowed to unpack a plank from your vehicle, but you better have a good explanation if you plan to carry one while walking down the pavement (sidewalk) anywhere in London. Category Archives: England It is illegal for two adult men to have sex in the spresence of a third person. 1. 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The UK Libraries Offences Act 1898 sets out the punishments for misbehaving in a public library, As the UK’s Libraries Offences Act 1898 dictates, there ought to be consequences for any person who “behaves in a disorderly manner” when in a library or reading-room. It allegedly carries a penalty fine of up to 1,200 GBP excluding the costs of looking after the cow, horse, etc. Several weird British laws are doing the rounds on the internet. 21 weird, strange, crazy, funny and unusual French laws and why they exist France has roughly 10,500 laws and 127,000 decrees, which keep order and peace in the country.

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